Pioneering Technology Aimed to Redefine Multi-Billion Dollar Industries

Investors are on a high alert as this emerging company has a rare chance to take over an immense share of the market through the acquisition of these leading-edge patented technologies.

The passing year hosted a volatile and unpredictable market. Despite many companies closing 2020 low, investors watched, at times in sheer disbelief, as others experienced meteoric surges like the electric vehicle, battery storage and green energy sectors.

Investing in these sectors over the last year has seen investors earning returns exceeding +1,000% with companies like NIO (+2,226%), SunPower (+1,363%) and Blink Charging (+4,062%).

Although these companies have seen unprecedented growth since 2019, many are just beginning to hit their stride; forecasts are expecting exponential growth in the industry over the next 10 years.

This is why we believe that a multi-industry innovation is a key catalyst to the birth of the modern mega-cap company…

…and that we’ve discovered a hidden gem with similar innovative and early investment potential, in one little-known emerging public company that is bridging multi-billion dollar Industries in 2021: Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS|OTC:TMASF).

Take your time to read and understand all the levels this company is performing at, the disruption it could provoke in the markets where the company is playing, and chances are you will arrive to the same conclusion as we did: this could be the best performing junior breakout company in 2021, and the timing couldn’t be better.

A Multi-Industry Megacorporation in the Making

While they technically started as a junior miner, Temas Resources Corp. has recently become one of the superior companies in the extraction technology sector.

For example, they recently closed the acquisition of a major stake in ORF Technologies, Inc., which is setting new industry benchmarks in cost-efficient and eco-friendly mineral extraction, separation and recovery. In some cases, their technology has the potential to lower production costs by nearly 70% compared to the industry average. As an additional benefit, the resulting material exceeds the specifications of major North American commercial end users.

If that’s not enough, Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS|OTC:TMASF) recently signed an exclusive North American and European Licensing Agreement with MetaLeach Limited for its innovative leaching processes AmmLeach®, HyperLeach®, NickeLeach®, and MoReLeach® and others.

By licensing MetaLeach™ technology, Temas Resources’ objective is to provide the lowest cost processing of base metals. This is integral to the delivery of technologies and products for now and in the future, especially ‘energy and battery’ metals.

Just read the latest communication from the CEO and you’ll agree this company is doing all the right things for their early shareholders.

Michael Dehn
President and CEO
Temas Resources Corp.

Delivery: Registered Shareholders List

Important Corporate Development and Update on Temas Resources’ Future Outlook

Valued Shareholders,

I wanted to take time to deliver an important update directly.

In my time at Goldcorp we developed assets of tremendous value, including the Cochenour Mine in the famed Red Lake District. Eventually, after years of hard work and watching these assets mature, Goldcorp was acquired by Newmont Mining for $10 billion.

At the time, it was front page news. However, what the articles never quite get across – is that the most exciting and important stage of a company, is not the end, it is the very beginning.

The work done at this critical early stage can make or break a company and when done correctly, can setup a trajectory for tremendous growth.

That’s why today is so important for Temas Resources.

You see, mining has historically been a dirty business – but it doesn’t have to be.

In my past experiences, working for some of the largest mining companies in the world, one thing always frustrated me: you had to pick between being more environmentally friendly, or being efficient and profitable. That dilemma never sat well with me.

That’s the reason I believe today’s news at Temas Resources is potentially the greatest opportunity of my entire career.

Early this morning, we finally announced the completion of the ORF transaction.

The Significance of the ORF Transaction

Over the past few months, since our initial announcement of the LOI on January 27th, we have conducted significant due diligence of ORF and its advanced patent portfolio.

The results of this inquiry were clear: the technologies will position Temas Resources with the ability to both implement environmentally friendly upgrades and secure high-margin profit at the same time.

Strategically, costs are able to be offloaded to the actual mine operators by way of licensing agreements, enabling Temas Resources to scale quickly without capital intensive risk. In effect, Temas Resources is now able to help improve mining operations globally while at the same time, participate in significant upside through licensing fees.

Perhaps more importantly, particularly in today’s age, our revenue streams will now be aligned with our core values and beliefs. All stakeholders can rest easy knowing their investment in Temas Resources is now helping to reduce the environmental impact of mining operations around the world.

In a single transaction, we’ve effectively pivoted Temas Resources from just a regular junior mining company to now a one-of-a-kind environmental technology company that could change the mining industry as we know it.

For those of you who haven’t already, please take time to read our full press release here.

As I close, I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has decided to support us in this journey. I truly believe we are building something of great value here – not just for us – but for future generations as well.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Dehn
President and CEO
Temas Resources

Temas Resources Corp.

100% Owned Assets

Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS|OTC:TMASF) isn’t just intellectual property. With multiple 100% owned properties in the famed Grenville Geological Province of Quebec, home to the largest solid ilmenite deposit in the world, this well-timed acquisition is extracting the maximum potential from Temas’ wholly-owned assets.

Just ask Rio Tinto, one of the world’s largest mining companies. They’ve been mining titanium with established upside in this same region for nearly 70 years.

We believe the key to Temas Resources’ tremendous potential is how their assets work together. Their 100% owned properties have become a real-world testing ground for revolutionary technology, revealing the opportunity for Temas Resources to act as a multi-faceted supply hub by providing high quality TiO2 to the specialty chemicals sector, and delivering game-changing vanadium to the energy storage industry, supercharging next-generation electric vehicle batteries and stabilizing large-scale energy grids.

The triple-headed perfect storm that makes Temas Resources (CSE:TMASOTC:TMASF) possibly the best play of 2021.

Leading-Edge Portfolio

As vaccines roll out around the world and the global economy recovers, Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS|OTC:TMASF) has positioned themselves ahead of evolving trends with the acquisition of a state-of-the-art patent portfolio that is blurring the lines between sectors.

This strategic divergence from traditional mining represents the capability to access untapped revenue around the world through the licensing of proprietary processes for the metallurgic recovery of industrial and precious metals.

Their record-setting patents have shown MAJOR advantages over the competitors, turning widely undervalued materials that are typically discarded into high-purity finished products using groundbreaking processes for titanium dioxide recovery that achieve an estimated 59.2% lower production cost than the biggest TiO2 producer in the world.

That’s a 144.8% improvement in cost efficiency versus the leading low-cost process available today.

With additional patents for the recovery of gold, iron, and nickel (which is in increasingly high demand by the electric vehicle industry), Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS|OTC:TMASF) is prepared to commercialize these technologies worldwide, offloading the high capital risk to licensees while retaining the potential for billions in upside.

All of this achieved while recycling leaching agents to eliminate environmental expense associated with standard recovery processes, leaving only eco-friendly byproducts of commercial value.1

In todays market this is key as green friendly products and services are the investments of the future.

Fueling 2 Mega Industries

Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS|OTC:TMASF) is in a very unique position to fuel two of the biggest booming industries in the markets today, representing the future of how we store, manage and consume energy—driving technologies that touch every aspect of our lives and businesses. As investors, each of these industries warrants our attention, since trillions of dollars are committed to flow into development in the coming years from private and corporate investment, as well as governments scrambling for solutions amidst ever-stricter clean energy regulations.

Mega Trend #1

Powering the Surge in Electric Vehicles

2021 is shaping up to be a breakout year for the EV sector, with more than 20-plus auto brands introducing three dozen EVs including sedans, SUVs and pickup trucks. Headliners include Ford’s Mustang Mach-E, the Audi e-tron, and the GMC Hummer EV, with Tesla’s Cybertruck and Roadster likely coming early next year.

This worldwide trend isn’t just about shifting to electric vehicles to decrease carbon emissions and mitigate climate change, however. It’s arguably the most exciting time in the automotive industry since the early 1900s, which saw nearly 500 manufacturers in the U.S. alone.2

Because of this boom in EV market, electric batteries need to hold significant amounts of charge, using expensive materials and engineering to ensure that owners can get from point A to point B. The infrastructure of charging stations is nowhere near built out to accommodate longer distance travel, and no one wants to sit somewhere for two hours while their battery tops off.

Can Vanadium Feed the Need for Speed?

EVs are at the cutting edge of technology, but they’re also in an all-out race to create batteries that charge faster and last longer, with companies from Tesla, Enevate, Sila Nanotechnologies to Echion examining compounds and designs that can make it happen.3 Batteries also absolutely need to come down in size and cost in order for EVs to realize their full potential. By some estimates, the EV battery market is expected to grow at a CAGR of almost 22% to reach $44 billion by 2024. But how does the industry get there?

One element with significant potential has an interesting history in the automotive world: vanadium. Vanadium has long been used in the production of steel alloys, as a chemical catalyst, and in the formulation of ceramics, glasses, and pigments.4 Today, vanadium is showing potential to dramatically improve the chemistry of lithium batteriesallowing them to charge faster and store more energy, while also providing more power.

The first notable proof-of-concept was delivered in the form of an Audi A2 outfitted with a lithium-vanadium phosphate battery by a German company, DBM Energy. Not only did the car set a distance record, it was able to recharge in just 6 minutes using a 240-volt source—making it comparable to filling up a gas car at an ordinary pump.5

“The way to make batteries better is to improve the materials used for the electrodes.”6

–Nikhil Koratkar, professor of mechanical, aerospace, and nuclear engineering at the renowned Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Koratkar also noted that vanadium applications could be expanded to applications beyond car batteries, such as power for portable electronics and solar energy storage.

Mega Trend #2

Supplying Solutions in Grid Energy Storage

Which brings us to the second key industry being impacted by vanadium: grid energy storage. On the face of it, this may not appear as sexy as the launch of a tricked-out Tesla or carbon-fiber Lotus EV that can circle a track at 200 mph. Understanding the potential first requires looking at the big picture of renewable energy as a whole.

Although it’s not flashy, energy storage is among the fastest-growing asset classes in the energy industry—a quietly massive market on an institutional level. According to a leading innovator in the space, WATTJOULE, the storage market could top $100 billion in less than 10 years.7

The reason is simple: an ever-increasing emphasis on renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, which do not generally provide power 24/7. Because of those fluctuations, the energy generated needs to be banked for demand. Our future may be less reliant on fossil fuels, but it will be as reliant as ever on energy.

Governments Go All-In on Green

Politics plays a role too as governments chase ways to increase clean energy. Last year, Europeans derived more of their electricity from renewable sources than fossil fuels for the first time ever: renewables delivered 38% of electricity, compared to 37% generated by fossil fuels.8

If the U.S. rejoins the Paris Climate Accord in 2021 as planned, renewable growth could soar—with a commitment to invest $2 trillion in clean energy, and fully decarbonize the power sector by 2035 en route to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.9

Ironically enough, lithium-ion is not as well suited to grid-scale storage as it is in smaller formats like cars, phones, and computers. While energy-dense, lithium-ion is expensive. Worse yet, lithium-ion batteries are subject to degradation—losing their charging capacity over time, as you’ve surely experienced with your own cell phone and laptop—and particularly in warmer environments.

Here again is where vanadium offers a potential technology breakthrough: So-called redox flow batteries offer the promise of saving billions of dollars vs. lithium ion in addition to providing a more efficient way to store energy at the scale required by utilities.

While the technology is still in its infancy, vanadium flow batteries could eventually expand beyond the power grid as well. Large vehicles such as cargo ships, ferries, trains, and even trucks may be very well suited to the unique value proposition of vanadium-based batteries for propulsion: competitively priced battery technology capable of enduring 20,000-repeated deep-cycle discharges of up to 95 percent of storage capacity.10

Highly Experienced Tier 1 Management

A highly innovative company demands forward-thinking leadership. That’s the motto of the modern day success story, and a guiding principal of Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS|OTC:TMASF) senior executives. This heavy-hitting management team boasts a track record composed of billion-dollar takeovers and acquisitions, and a vision to revolutionize the state of the global mining industry.

One of the most notable geologists in the Goldcorp story, Michael Dehn and his team generated several production stage mining properties during their delve into the Red Lake Mining District, including the widely-known Cochenour Mine. This small patch of northwestern Ontario proved to be home to one of the largest gold deposits in the world, and Michael’s achievements caught the attention of the titans as Goldcorp rose to become the world’s fourth-largest producer of gold…

…until early 2019, when Goldcorp was acquired by Newmont in a staggering $10 BILLION transaction, forming the world’s number one producer of gold to this day.11

And Michael isn’t the only one. Temas Resources’ management’s experience in major wins spans decades across multiple industries, including:

  • The acquisition of the Red Lake Mines by Evolution Mining for $375 million12
  • The purchase of the Coffee Gold Project by Goldcorp for $520 million13
  • The $1.5 BILLION acquisition of Chloride Group by Emerson Electric14

With distinguished names like J.P. Morgan and Goldcorp on their resumes, there’s only one thing to expect when pedigreed veterans of the biggest success stories and acquisitions set their sights on a collective target: Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS|OTC:TMASF) has the potential to be 2021’s biggest acquisition play.

A Rarely Found MULTI-SECTOR MEGA Opportunity

Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS|OTC:TMASF) Accelerating Development Towards Economic Revival

With a diverse range of assets, Temas Resources is prepared to move ahead of the trends as the economy comes back to life.

The newly acquired portfolio of groundbreaking technology patents allows Temas Resources to access hidden revenue streams through universally undervalued assets while applying its industry leading technologies beyond the mining industry into the energy storage and specialty chemicals sectors.

Vanadium exposes Temas Resources to a booming industry through a miracle metal with the potential to change the current state of transportation and renewable energy.

As the bigger picture comes together, it’s obvious why Temas Resources looks to be driving major excitement in the markets. When reputable management converges on a little-known emerging company, it’s hard to see it any other way: Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS|OTC:TMASF) is positioned as one of the biggest opportunities on the markets.

5 Reasons to Own Shares

Why Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS|OTC:TMASF) is a Potential Billion Dollar Buyout Target

1 • Experienced Tier 1 Management

Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS|OTC:TMASF) has an exceptional management team with a proven track record in taking large mining projects into full production, working across numerous projects and companies which went on to be acquired for hundreds of millions, and even billions of dollars.

A growing list of success stories from management:

  • $290M Buyout (by Centerra Gold)15
  • $375M Takeover (the Red Lake mines)
  • $520M Acquisition (the Coffee Gold Project)
  • $1.5 BILLION Acquisition (Chloride Group)
  • $10 BILLION Merger (Newmont buys Goldcorp)

…could Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS|OTC:TMASF) be the next major takeover?

2 • Record-Setting Technology Acquisitions

Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS|OTC:TMASF) has acquired a portfolio of leading-edge patents that have set a new record for cost-efficiency and ecological impact in Titanium (IV) Oxide (TiO2) production. The patents have significant advantages over industry standard methods, including:

  • Estimated 59.2% lower on a production cost basis than the world’s largest TiO 2 producer.
  • Recycling of all leaching agents, eliminating environmental impact and leaving only commercially viable byproducts such as iron oxide.
  • 144.8% more cost-efficient than the current leading low-cost method.

With further technologies for the recovery of several other industrial and precious metals, Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS|OTC:TMASF) is on trajectory to license these groundbreaking patents to the worldwide mining industry, and act as a direct supplier to the specialty chemicals sector, reinforcing its potential as a buyout in the making.

3 • A Key Metal: Vanadium

Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS|OTC:TMASF) has gained opportunity in the energy storage sector through access to vanadium.

First, vanadium grid-scale energy storage is an essential aspect of any intermittent energy source such as wind or solar, with its applications in grid-scale energy storage showing superior potential versus today’s lithium-ion technology.

And on top of that, vanadium can increase the performance of current lithium-ion batteries, changing the game for the global electric vehicle industry and revolutionizing transportation.

4 • 100% Owned Assets

Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS|OTC:TMASF) has acquired its first properties, the flagship La Blache property, and the DAB property, in the Grenville Geological Province, which is home to the largest solid ilmenite deposit in the world.

5 • Massive Institutional Buying

Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS|OTC:TMASF) recently closed over $8.6M of funding from well-known institutions such as Laurentian Bank Securities, this influx of capital is a strong vote of confidence in the story, and the future, of Temas Resources.


In other words, Temas Resources Corp. not only has access to the “magic mineral” vanadium, it’s approaching it in an environmentally conscious fashion. The company stands to leverage intellectual property that could make the process even more efficient—an unusual benefit for an early-stage company.

Keep in mind, the time to be a part of this company is now, before they grow into the next potential billion dollar acquisition.

As a one-two punch, it’s a powerful way to supply a vital commodity to leading industries and companies in EVs and grid energy as we head into a green-powered future. As an investor, it’s a way to get in early on a small company that’s supporting major trends—providing a commodity that can help industries like EVs, grid energy, and beyond jump to the next level by saving costs, increasing performance, and keeping the industry truly clean.

How To Buy Shares in Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS) (OTC:TMASF)

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